Intern Program

Since 1975, The Seasongood Good Government Foundation Internship Program, offers a select group of college juniors, seniors, and graduate students insights into the realities of the day-to-day operation of the government of the City of Cincinnati. Interns, working under the supervision of local government professionals, have a chance to contribute to the local government while they are learning about government.  In 2020, the trustees updated the Seasongood Good Government Internship Program to include all government organizations in the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky region.

Key Components

The Foundation has updated the program, process and timeline.  Here are the key components of the revised Seasongood Good Government Foundation Intern Program:

  • All 2021 internship requests for government organizations will be considered in aggregate
    • 2021 will be a transition year, applications will be considered in March and November.
    • 2022 and forward, all internships will be considered in November for the following year.
  • Internships may be year-round (40 weeks) or school semester-based (12 weeks)
  • Preference is for students attending colleges and universities in the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky region
  • The Foundation will no longer be involved in the recruitment or hiring of the interns
  • The Foundation will continue to host events throughout the year for education, networking and social opportunities

Expectations for Government organizations hiring a Seasongood Good Government Intern

  • Intern will be paid at least $12 per hour (provided by the Foundation grant)
    • Government organizations may increase this base pay at their discretion with their funds.
  • Provide a detailed outline of intern’s roles and responsibilities and an assigned supervisor
  • Support the development activities hosted by the Foundation

Expectations for Student Interns

  • Intention around public service
  • College or University student- junior, senior, and/or graduate student
  • Above average academic record
  • Relevant extracurricular activities and/or work experience
  • Commitment for duration of the assignment

Deadline & Application

Intern decisions will be made at the November board meeting each year. Organizations interested in hiring an intern must apply by October 15. Apply online.