About Grants

Murray and Agnes Seasongood were philanthropists whose work included the promotion of good government and civic reform. As such, the Seasongood Foundation devotes its resources to civic philanthropy, striving to ensure accountability, transparency, equitability, and efficiency in local government.

As one means to this end, the Seasongood Foundation supports citizen engagement and civic education through grants for 501(c)(3) community organizations and professional associations committed to facilitating and enabling good government and governance, as well as grants for: 1) internships in local government, 2) research on topics of civic merit, and 3) public forums and conferences intended to promote civic dialogue or facilitate citizen action.

Over the years, the Seasongood Foundation has supported the work of many organizations and municipalities—big and small, local or regional. You may find more information about recent grants on our Past Projects page. To learn more about the Seasongood Foundation’s longest-running, flagship project—the City of Cincinnati Seasongood Summer Internship Program—visit our Interns page.