About Grants

For forty years, the Seasongood Foundation has sponsored summer internships with the City of Cincinnati for both undergraduate and graduate students who have a keen interest in local government. This internship program embodies Seasongood’s purposes to “establish internships in local government” and to “attract able young people to government”. By working within City offices, the interns get a glimpse of the day to day operations of the city, and how they might fit in with the system in the future.

Seasongood Interns are selected from tri-state campuses, such as the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Miami University, and Wilmington College. Most of the students academic focuses range from Urban Planning, Political Science, and Public Administration and are either undergraduate or graduate students. Interns are nominated by a faculty member from each university. Each nominee submits a resume and transcripts and has several interviews before final selections are made. After the interns are selected, they are placed in the department of the city that is compatible with their backgrounds. Typically, students find themselves working in the Mayor’s office, the City Manager’s office, in Contract Compliance, or the Community Development Department.

Interns work hand-in-hand with city employees, and their work includes research, support, assisting with projects, and planning. Many of the Seasongood interns work within various local governments and attribute part of their success to the internship they had with the City of Cincinnati. The combination of education and on the job training stimulates interest in local government and helps interns make decisions on their career path post-graduation. The Seasongood internship program helps to funnel intelligent, hardworking and able individuals into government at the local level all over the country.

The Seasongood internship program continues to thrive and fulfill the purpose of involving students in local government. Consistent funding for the project illustrates the importance not only to the interns who take part in the program, but to the Board members who are committed to preserving the Foundation’s goals and objectives set forth by Murray and Agnes Seasongood. Foundation provides the money for the project. Murray and Agnes Seasongood were involved with numerous governmental, civic and professional projects in Cincinnati and on the national level.