How much grant money should I ask for? Each applicant must complete a budget as part of the grant application process, so the precise monetary needs of the project should be your guide. The Board may decide to fund in an amount less than the amount requested, so you can obtain the balance of the money needed from other sources. Sometimes, applicants will ask for Seasongood to fund their entire project, while others ask for only a portion of the overall funds needed. A credible budget is essential and the interest of other funders helps your application.

Is there a range of funding you typically provide? The Seasongood Foundation funds projects in a wide range of amounts. Funding depends on the strength of the project, as well as available funding and strength of the quarterly applicant pool. There is a limited amount the Board is able to spend each grant cycle, and submitted projects are all vying for the same money. To get an idea of past funding amounts, please refer to our “Past Projects” page.

You have funded me in the past. Will you fund me again? This depends on the strength of your new application, as well as how effectively the Board believes you were able to use grant money in the past. We accept applications both for continuations of the same project and for new projects within the same organization.

Who were Murray and Agnes Seasongood? Murray and Agnes Seasongood were philanthropists whose work, while broad, focused primarily on the promotion of good government and civic reform. Murray Seasongood was the mayor of Cincinnati from 1926-1930, the first under the then-new Charterite reform movement. Agnes Seasongood was dedicated to charitable pursuits throughout her life, both with her husband and independently. Together, Murray and Agnes founded what is now the Seasongood Good Government Foundation in 1973.

Can I have a 501(c)(3) accept a grant on my behalf? Yes, as long as all appropriate requirements are met. The Seasongood Foundation requires that the organization receiving the funding be a 501(c)(3). If you wish to seek a grant and you are not a 501(c)(3) but you have arranged to have a nonprofit organization accept funds on your behalf, you must identify the organization in your application.

How often do you accept applications? The Seasongood Foundation is updating its strategic plan in 2024. During this time, all questions regarding applications should be directed toward the Foundation’s Program Officer, Daniel Tonozzi.

How soon will I hear back about the status of my application? Once the Board has met and voted on a project (typically two weeks after each grant deadline), a letter notifying you of your status will be mailed within 1-2 business days. If the Board has voted to approve your application, you must send a letter formally accepting the terms and conditions of the grant. Once we receive this, we can send your check.

I need to change something on my application, but I’ve already turned it in. Can I modify it? Yes. As long as we have your application before the deadline posted online, you may change your application. Please let us know before doing this so we are sure to review the most recent version of your application.

What are status reports? In order to keep up with your project’s progress, we ask that you fill out a progress report and a final report once the project is completed. This ensures that the Board is up to date on how funds are being spent. You will be sent an electronic copy of the status report form several weeks before the deadline. Status reports are a condition of receiving funding and are reviewed along with applications for repeat applicants.

Does my project sound like something you would fund? Unfortunately, this is not a question we can answer, but we can tell you if your project sounds like it is beyond the scope of our purposes. Your main points of contact are our Foundation Managers, Daniel Tonozzi and Patrick Points at Ignite Philanthropy (513-381-1848). However, the application asks you to identify ways in which your project relates to the purposes of the Foundation, so this is an opportunity to demonstrate how your project is a good fit for Seasongood. Please note that Board members with any connection to an applicant organization will recuse themselves. For examples of the types of projects we have funded in the past, please see our “Past Projects” page.

My proposal was not funded. Why? Each proposal is reviewed by the entire 12-person Board before grant decisions are made each quarter. Sometimes, the Board decides not to fund a proposal because the project does not clearly meet the purposes of the Foundation. Other times, the Board may elect to focus spending on projects that focus on a particular area of interest or community need. If you have specific questions about your project, please contact the Foundation office and we may be able to provide more specific feedback.

I have additional questions. Is there someone I can talk to? Yes! You can reach the Seasongood Foundation at (513) 381-1848. Please ask for Daniel Tonozzi or Patrick Points. You can also send an email by filling out the “Contact” form on our website.