$15,000 – Action Tank – City Council Bootcamp

Purpose: To support a program for engaged residents who are interested in running for Cincinnati City Council and/or want a deeper understanding of the City’s government systems and practices in order to successfully champion equitable, impactful policy changes.

$10,000 – Action Tank – Civic Health First Aid Kit

Purpose: To support the creation and distribution of Action Tank’s 2023 First Aid Kit, a collection of nonpartisan voter engagement resources and opportunities designed for young voters in Cincinnati.

$3,000 – Center For Local Government – Leadership Academy

Purpose: To support emerging leaders who want to learn more about law enforcement, public safety, city, state and county government, and any public sector organization through classes offered in Xavier University’s Public Sector Leadership Certificate Program and to provide additional learning opportunities about Human Resources Management and Effective Communications.

$10,000 – Cincinnati Interfaith Workers CenterJustice at Work

Purpose: To provide experienced and free attorneys to low-wage and immigrant workers in work-related disputes, regardless of citizenship status.

$25,000 – WVXU – Supporting a Public Radio Service: A Greater Cincinnati News Bureau

Purpose: To produce a daily news program focusing on local government and civic issues.

$30,000 – Cornerstone Renter Equity – Community Equity Expansion

Purpose: To support the work of the Community Specialist, who works with city partners to engage and advocate for Cornerstone Members, provide equity funds, and support stipends for Community ambassadors.

$15,000 – Fair Elections Center – Improve student democratic engagement

Purpose: To engage voters at 4-5 colleges and universities in Greater Cincinnati through media, on-campus events, and a student engagement summit.

$10,000 – Great Cincinnati Educational Television (CET) – Ohio’s 1st: A Congressional Debate

Purpose: To support a collaboration between CET, WVXU and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber to host a debate between the two candidates running for State Representative for Ohio’s 1st District: incumbent Steve Chabot and challenger Greg Landsman.

$10,000 – Green Umbrella – Accelerating Action for Climate Equity

Purpose: To support the Greater Cincinnati Regional Climate Collaborative, a member network facilitated by Green Umbrella staff that helps local governments, their communities, and partner organizations kickstart and accelerate their climate action process.

$15,000 – Invest in Neighborhoods – Cincinnati Neighborhood Summit 2022

Purpose: To convene active citizens, public officials, and community organizations for a day-long series of seminars, workshops, and presentations where Cincinnatians can learn, network, and collaborate to solve problems and improve their neighborhoods.

$15,000 – LADD, Inc. – Empowerment Council

Purpose: To support the Annual State of Disability Town Hall that addresses voter’s rights & education for adults with disabilities and elected officials as well as supporting research on issues affecting the adults with disabilities community and providing advocacy.

$2,500 – Law and Leadership Institute – Public Sector Exposure and Experiences to Underserved High School Students

Purpose: To provide online internship opportunities and field trips to various legal offices in Hamilton County.

$10,000 – League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund – Nonpartisan Engagement of Diverse Voters

Purpose: To support efforts to increase participation of a more diverse population of voters, including the publishing of nonpartisan voter materials in multiple languages.

$6,000 – League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area – Expanding the Electorate

Purpose: To expand the electorate by providing voter registration opportunities at naturalization ceremonies and reach and register citizens in jail who are eligible to vote but often excluded and uncertain of their rights.

$15,000 – League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area – Nonpartisan Voter Guides for November 2022 Election

Purpose: To support the printing and distribution of nonpartisan voter information materials and the operation of the Online Voter Guide.

$10,000 – Ohio Debate Commission – Civic engagement and voter participation for the 2022 Ohio Governor and US Senate races

Purpose: To conduct four debates at the Paul Robeson Cultural & Performing Arts Center on the campus of Central State University in Wilberforce (one for the U.S. Senate Republican candidates, one for the Democratic candidates, and then one for the Ohio Gubernatorial Republican candidates, and one for the Ohio Gubernatorial Democratic candidates).

$15,000 – School Board School – School Board School

Purpose: To develop equity-focused elected leaders working inside the system as school board members who represent the diversity of their community, understand their role, and are prepared to do it well.

$5,000 – Soapbox Cincinnati – First Suburbs: Beyond Borders

Purpose: To continue producing a community-informed local journalism series that supports the communication/storytelling capacity of the local governments and member communities in the First Suburbs Consortium Of Southwestern Ohio.

$2,500 – Woman’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati – National Speaker Forum

To open up the National Speaker Forum with Mary Frances Berry to individuals and organizations that would benefit from hearing this presentation but would not be able to attend without free or subsidized tickets.

$9,636 – Xavier University – X the Vote

Purpose: To partner with Xavier University Athletics and Xavier University Recreational Sports to promote voter registration, voter education, and voter turnout in the Fall 2022 Election and encourage students to volunteer to support voting initiatives throughout the community.

$12,500 – Youth at the Center – Audio Tour of Cincinnati Black History

Purpose: To support members from the first cohort of the Youth Antiracist Leadership Academy (YALA) to write, produce and record a self-guided audio walking tour of Black History in Cincinnati.