Grants Awarded for 2015

$35,280 – City of Cincinnati Summer Interns

Purpose: To provide six undergraduate and graduate students with an opportunity to learn about city government while contributing to it through summer internships in various departments


$5,500 – Hamilton County – Office of the County Administrator

Purpose: To provide an opportunity for a college student to gain first-hand experience working with the County Administrator’s Office of a large urban county


$3,000 – the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the American Society for Public Administrators

Purpose: To host an annual awards banquet that honors outstanding public administrators who have demonstrated dedication to their field and to their communities


$3,000 – Kids Voting, Inc.

Purpose: To give students in Northern Kentucky an opportunity to visit official polling sites on election days, cast mock ballots, and learn about the responsibility citizens have to participate in the election process


$5,000 – YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

Purpose: To expose high school students to the history, structure, and operations of local government and to promote civic literacy and involvement in community service


$15,000 – Cincinnati Public Radio, Inc. (WVXU)

Purpose: To provide in-depth exploration and meaningful coverage to local and state government issues and events


$13,860 – the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement

Purpose: To host a symposium about voting trends, redistricting, voter ID laws, and registration requirements


$15,000 – Applied Information Resources

Purpose: To improve community decision making by providing information to people who participate in these decisions and by facilitating an exchange of views between leaders and citizens


$2,500 – the Law and Leadership Institute

Purpose: To provide internships to the 10th grade students who have enrolled in the Institute’s 4-year, law-based college preparatory program


$10,000 – the Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund

Purpose: To implement measurable improvements in public health, environmental quality and consumer rights through education, original research, and community organizing


$1,000 – the Woman’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati

Purpose: To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Woman’s City Club with programming on its history of citizen empowerment and volunteerism


$500 – Public Service Recognition Cincinnati

Purpose: To host an annual awards ceremony honoring government employees for outstanding contributions to public service


$3,200 – Village of Silverton, OH

Purpose: To provide a full-time internship to an African American college student, with the expectation that the internship will prepare the student for a career in government management and civic engagement


$15,000 – University of Cincinnati College of Law

Purpose: To provide funding for the Ohio Innocence Project that engages law students to work with their professors on pro-bono cases to establish the innocence of prisoners in potential cases of mistaken identity


$10,000 – the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area

Purpose: To produce an election guide for the November 2015 elections in print and online, to encourage citizen participation in the election process by providing comprehensive information without partisan influence


$3,650 – the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission

Purpose: To complete an archiving project which aims to preserve previously lost or forgotten pieces of Cincinnati history


$15,000 – Communities United for Action

Purpose: To train grassroots leaders in 10 low and moderate-income communities in Hamilton County to work with government in protecting the health of these communities’ residents. The project aims to include residents’ voices in the debate and to build a strong people’s coalition to work for environmental protection


$5,000 – American Society of Public Administration through Northern Kentucky University

Purpose: To provide a fellowship for a graduate or undergraduate student from Northern Kentucky University to introduce the facets of working in the public sector


$10,000 – Northern Kentucky University

Purpose: To provide students with the opportunity to enroll in internship programs at the state and local levels with an emphasis on good public policy


$4,000 – the University of Cincinnati Foundation

Purpose: To host a symposium to increase public awareness of the regulation and pitfalls of student loan, payday, and car title lending practices


$2,500 – Beyond Civility

Purpose: To improve the quality of local governance by helping civic leaders and citizens identify and overcome barriers to effective political discourse


$5,000 – the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center

Purpose: To raise awareness of wage theft and help affected workers engage their local government and transform the way local government respond to low-income workers


$8,000 – the Peaslee Neighborhood Center

Purpose: To give long-term, low-income citizens a voice in light of new development by facilitating discussion and leadership development


$10,000 – Invest in Neighborhoods

Purpose: To fund the 2016 Neighborhood Summit, an annual event which brings together hundreds of community leaders and volunteers, city officials, and non-profits for a series of workshops and seminars