Grants Awarded for 2014

$35,280 – City of Cincinnati Summer Interns

Purpose: To provide 4-6 undergraduate and graduate students with an opportunity to learn about city government while contributing to it through summer internships in various departments.


$10,000 – YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

Purpose: To expose high school students to the history, structure, and operations of local government and to promote civic literacy and involvement in community service.


$2,000 – Woman’s City Club of Greater Cincinnati

Purpose: To bring Candy Crowley to Cincinnati to speak at the 2014 National Speaker Forum about the political process and the current issues confronting D.C.’s political leaders and legislators.


$10,000 – Communities United for Action

Purpose: To train grassroots leaders in 10 low and moderate-income communities in Hamilton County to work with government in protecting the health of these communities’ residents. The project aims to include residents’ voices in the debate and to build a strong people’s coalition to work for environmental protection.


$2,500 – the Law and Leadership Institute

Purpose: To provide internships to the 10th grade students who have enrolled in the Institute’s 4-year, law-based college preparatory program.


$20,000 – Cincinnati Public Radio, Inc. (WVXU)

Purpose: To provide in-depth exploration and meaningful coverage to local and state government issues and events.


$10,000 – Beyond Civility

Purpose: To improve the quality of local governance by helping civic leaders and citizens identify and overcome barriers to effective political discourse.


$5,500 – Hamilton County – Office of the County Administrator

Purpose: To provide an opportunity for a college student to gain first-hand experience working with the County Administrator’s Office of a large urban county.


$10,000 – City of Cincinnati

Purpose: To promote good government practices by showcasing the City’s efforts to sustain improved operations in an efficient non-partisan government.


$20,000 to University of Cincinnati College of Law

Purpose: To provide funding for the Ohio Innocence Project that engages law students to work with their professors on pro-bono cases to establish the innocence of prisoners in potential cases of mistaken identity.


$15,000 to Contact Center, Inc.

Purpose: To conduct a voter registration and Get Out the Vote Mobilization Drive in five inner city neighborhoods. This includes training team leaders to go door to door, as well as delivering voter pledge cards and following up with voters after election day.


$10,000 to Northern Kentucky University

Purpose: To provide students with the opportunity to enroll in internship programs at the state and local levels with an emphasis on good public policy.


$10,000 to League of Women Voters

Purpose: To increase citizen participation and inform voters of their rights by providing resources that reach a wider population, including the visually-impaired and hearing-impaired communities.


$7,500 to CET

Purpose: To provide in-depth coverage of local government issues so that voters can be educated and informed for the November elections.


$5,500 to Northern Kentucky Area Development District

Purpose: To provide and internship for a graduate or undergraduate student to serve in a professional assistance capacity to the NKADD and to city and county governments.


$5,000 to American Society of Public Administration through Northern Kentucky University

Purpose: To provide a fellowship for a graduate or undergraduate student from Northern Kentucky University to introduce the facets of working in the public sector.


$15,000 to the Ohio Justice and Policy Center

Purpose: To promote informed and effective government and citizenship in Ohio through the CIVICC Database, which allows citizens to look up criminal offenses and their long-term civil punishments.


$7,875 to the University of Cincinnati Foundation

Purpose: To inspire citizens to become more civically engaged and to create civically literate Ohioans.


$5,000 to the University of Cincinnati Foundation

Purpose: To host a convening designed to increase public awareness of domestic violence and develop strategies for addressing this problem.


$7,500 to Cincinnati Museum Center

Purpose: To provide educational resources for high school students considering college majors that would prepare them for government or public service careers.


$20,000 to the Sierra Club, Ohio Chapter

Purpose: To address deficiencies in local, state, and federal transportation planning by giving a voice to affected communities in Hamilton County and the Eastern Corridor region.


$10,000 to The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Purpose: To Research the economic impact of the Cliff Effect, a phenomenon that as people climb the ladder to self-sufficiency, their public benefits cut off sharply at arbitrary levels.


$4,000 to Planning and Development Services of Kenton County

Purpose: To fund a study undertaken in conjunction with a 3rd year urban planning studio at the University of Cincinnati. Students will be exposed to numerous functions of local government.


$15,000 to Invest in Neighborhoods

Purpose: To fund the 2015 Neighborhood Summit, an annual event which brings together hundreds of community leaders and volunteers, city officials, and non-profits for a series of workshops and seminars.


$20,000 to The Cincinnati Research Institute

Purpose: To research the balance of power among the Mayor, Council, and City Manager, and the form of election for the Mayor and Council. These are two areas of the Charter drafted in 1924.