Seasongood Foundation Purpose

  • To further good government with special emphasis on good local government in Cincinnati, in Hamilton County, in the State of Ohio, and elsewhere.
  • To establish programs for the promotion of citizen participation in government and educational programs for the promotion of better government.
  • To establish internships in local government by providing for the payment, when necessary, of all or part of the cost of such internships to college students interested in careers in local government administration and providing work-study programs with local government authorities.
  • To establish programs to draw the attention of students and faculties to career opportunities in local government, as well as to stimulate interest in government service as a professional career, and to increase the awareness of citizenship responsibilities among students and others.
  • To establish research projects and engage in other efforts to institute, sustain, improve and enlarge operations of an efficient non-partisan merit system for government employees in Cincinnati, in Hamilton County and in the State of Ohio, and to establish and further a merit system in the selection and appointment of judges, judicial appointee in the State of Ohio.
  • To establish program designed to attract able young people to government service and to give recognition for outstanding government service.
  • To undertake and to do all other things that the Board of Trustees of the corporation shall deem appropriate and proper incident to the foregoing purposes.